The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.

W.B. Yeats

What Living Presence IS NOT

The opposite of Presence is Absence!


Living absently means being hostage to the stuckness and reactivity of the inner critic -  often judgemental, blaming and fault-finding in an endless tyranny of ‘dead-end feelings and stories.’


Our inner Critic often gives us no sense of rest or real peace, itself being carried by an unconscious and disconnected habitual driven loop of thoughts and feelings.  


Living from absence can make us feel trapped and disempowered.   We are ruled or in conflict with our feelings and thoughts commonly leading to overwhelming feelings, disconnection, isolation and a sense of being stuck.

What Living Presence IS

Living Presence is an awakening into a new way of Being which is natural, authentic, and empowered. 


This new way of  Being  - Presence - inspires a grounded wholeness with fresh edges in perspective and creativity.

Presence is the result of a deeper connection inviting safety and containment setting a context for real relationship, both inner and outer.

Enter the continual stream of new discovery, freshness and inspiration through these Living Presence approaches.

Living Presence training and coaching is a creative and powerful synergy of Nonviolent Communication, Mindfulness and  Focusing.  



Increase your emotional intelligence.

Develop and deepen your relationships.

Function with a clearer, calmer and happier mind.

Meet your inner critic with more compassionately for more ease.


Engage more fully with life with a sustainable focus of attention.

Meet pressures with a more balanced and stable sense of yourself.


Foster a more creative and fertile space within yourself for creativity.

Increase your empathy skills for for more intimate sense of connection.

Enrich yourself in downtime with meditations from the Meditation Bank.

Group training Programs are tailored to specific needs


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