The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.

W.B. Yeats

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enjoying a clear and spacious mind.


becoming mercurial of mind and light of foot!

 feeling grounded, centred and balanced for a feet on the ground way of being.

sensing your fresh edge and becoming more creative, confident and empowered.

living in ease, vitality, peace, play, freedom, curiosity, rejuvenation, purpose, wholeness & more.


What is Mindfulness?


    Mindfulness is the antidote to being a slave to 'Living in the head'

    with all its anxiety, fear, isolation, limiting beliefs and overwhelm.

    Mindfulness invites us to;


  • come to our senses and to live from and notice simple bodily-sensory experience (like sensing contact with the ground under your feet .... even now!).

  • live from a grounded, stable and centred  sense of our self.

  • live from a more vital, connected and abundant nature.

  • develop Human qualities like compassion, kindness, ease, peace, vitality, balance, creativity and healing etc.

Mindfulness Courses & Coaching
Mindfulness training ranges from short one off sessions for groups and teams to 8 week courses, mainly bespoke to meet your particular needs.


In Education?  Find out more about Mindfulness in your school or College

Robot therapist anyone?

Simon on the BBC: Mindfulness
& Affective Intelligence & Robotics Research 
@ Cambridge University

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