Living Presence Course

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Connect with your most precious life serving quality for deep change.

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Service Description

Presence courses are created bespoke please contact me to meet to explore your needs. This is an amalgam of NVC, Mindfulness and Focusing offering a powerful game changer for your life. It offers a rounded approach to meeting your needs in terms of your ‘Inner community’ (emotions, parts, patterns) and ‘Outer Community’ (those people you relate to close or peripheral). Increase your emotional intelligence. Use Presence to enhance your relationships. ​Deepen your sense of harmonious community. Function with a clearer, calmer and happier mind. Meet your inner critic with more compassionately for more ease. Engage more fully with life with a sustainable focus of attention. Meet pressures with a more balanced and stable sense of yourself. Foster a more creative and fertile space within yourself for creativity. Increase your empathy skills for for more intimate sense of connection. Enrich yourself in downtime with meditations from the Meditation Bank. Become Grounded, whole and well and live from your inspired fresh edge using the core approach central to all the training Grounded Aware Presence (GAP)

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In fairness to my own planning and organising, 48 hours notice is required (so I can fill that slot) or the session offers no refund.

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