Nonviolent Communication Course

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Enhance and restore relationships for deeper connection & trust

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Service Description

NVC courses are offered when required, please contact me to arrange to meet your particular needs. ​NVC offers a means to deepen or restore relationships with authenticity and sensitivity, especially in times of vulnerability and conflict.  Transform conflict into understanding and harmony. Share in a way that is safe and will get you really heard. Connect more deeply with your own needs – for healing and growth. Make requests to meet your needs that others will willingly respond to. Enrich your relationships with children, friends, partners and colleagues. Avoid the frustrating and painful pitfalls of blame, judging and labelling. Hear others in a way that will gain you more trust and deeper connection. ​Experience more joy, confidence and freedom in your ability to connect. ​How? Through Zoom or face to face. Cost: depends on needs and course length etc. Open to discussion. Courses offer NVC Foundation and Advanced NVC certificates

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Cancellation Policy

In fairness to my own planning and organising, 48 hours notice is required (so I can fill that slot) or the session offers no refund.

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