Attention is a resource - a person has only so much of it.


- Matthew Crawford

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Presence for Creativity, Leadership, Focus, Adaptability,  Collaboration & Teams

The birth of the 'Knowledge worker' in the 60's challenged the old industrial revolution mindset of 'work harder - produce more' in the traditional top down 'chain of command'. This new ethos of the knowledge worker is a shift towards a quality of creative attention in the moment.

This new currency of progress - the 'attention economy' - is more about creativity, adaptability, flexibility, responsiveness, collaboration and meaning based on fostering quality of attention, rather than its more mechanistic and unconsciously driven counterpart, 'work harder.'


The problem of divided attention

Aside the ethos and related problems of ‘work harder – produce more’ staff are held hostage to the overwhelming amount of information and distraction vying for their attention. This results in the loss of creativity, innovation and efficiency compromising quality of well-being, team performance and personal connection with clients and colleagues.


Presence; a systemic solution

Presence is a quality of Being that is fully awake moment by moment to experience, with a natural focus which is connected to our values and purpose.

As a consequence, Presence gives a streamlined and sustainable focus which makes available vibrant connection, creativity which invites possibility and opportunity.  Presence offers an empowered way to navigate through the uncertainty of the work environment for high performing teams and aware and discerning individuals.

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Benefits of Living Presence

Training & Coaching

  • Engage more fully with clients, colleagues and the task at hand with a sustainable focus of attention.

  • Use Presence to enhance your leadership, management, team and work skills. 


  • Meet pressures with a more balanced and stable sense of yourself.


  • Foster a more creative and fertile space within yourself for work innovation and creativity.

  • Meet your inner critic with more compassion for more ease.

  • Connection skills for colleague and high performance team collaboration

  • Work with a clearer, calmer and happier mind

  • Increase your emotional intelligence 

  • Learn to connect better through Presence to recognise core needs 

  • Enrich yourself in downtime with meditations from the Meditation Bank

  • Enjoy efficient, effective and harmonious teams for an atmosphere appealing to staff and clients alike

  • Develop strong, positive relationships for successful corporate affairs. 

Corporate 1:1 Presence Coaching


A small part of your corporate life is dictated by what happens to you, the vast majority of which is dictated by how you handle what happens to you

Living Presence Coaching gets to the heart of what it means to respond creatively and resourcefully to how you handle what happens to you.

Key benefits

  • A supportive, safe and non-judgemental space to share what matters to you.

  • Experience a paradigm shift into Grounded Aware Presence (GAP) for balance and wholeness.


  • Creativity, resilience, focus, clarity, self care, ease, calm, composure, approachability.

  • Become more creative with your inner critic for more choice.

  • Learn a rich tapestry of skills from Mindfulness, Nonviolent Communication and Focusing to meet your nmeeds. 

  • Connection skills to enhance or repair colleague relationships for better teams, leadership and work skills.

  • Informal mediation skills to keep the peace and enhance collaboration.

Mindfulness for Professionals


The Mindfulness 'Search Inside Yourself' program is today considered as one of the reasons why Google is the highest rated employer in the world (Confino, 2014).

Mindfulness brings forth qualities of attention, connection, vitality, resilience, resourcefulness and creativity to inspire an individual, team and organisational ethos of voluntary engagement with vision and heart.

Key benefits

  • Manage distraction and impulse by cultivating a sustainable focus of attention. 

  • Find emotional and mental balance (resilience) from stress and overwhelm.

  • Meet your inner critic and cultivate positive attitudes and new behaviours.

  • Foster vitality, creativity, resilience, resourcefulness and attention. 

  • Experience more clarity, creativity and space.

  • Connect with others more easily for team work and general collaboration​​.


Living Presence for Leaders and Teams


Presence leadership training results in leaders being able to lead with awareness, courage, resilience, integrity & authenticity.

It enables team members and staff to contribute and support each other with awareness and humanity to inspire high performing teams.

Key benefits

  • Earn your respect with an empathic  & pragmatic Presence.


  • Connect & be present - show up with a full focus with people and work situations.

  • Exercise curiosity & learning, for a fresh perception in the moment.

  • Be more creative & resilient in the face of uncertainty, stress and conflict.

  • Master your emotional responses and humanely to others emotional reactions.

  • Emotional intelligence and a deeper intuition.

Corporate Nonviolent Communication


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella bought all the members of his senior leadership team a copy of the book "Nonviolent Communication" (NVC) in 2014 when he took over the company.

At the time, Microsoft was known for having a culture of hostility, infighting, and backstabbing.  NVC created an environment of harmony and creative collaboration.

Key benefits

  • NVC offers a paradigm shift away from 'authority & power over' (which breeds resentment and disconnection) towards  authentic connection & communication that is respectful, connecting and meaningful.


  • Creates a culture of goodwill & voluntary collaboration in teams.

  • Effective approach for resolving conflict and strengthening connections.


  • Inspires a sense of genuine community for staff and clients. 

  • Offers potent tools for making clear requests respectfully.

  • Perfect for leadership and management skills.


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