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"There are no enemies inside. Every part of us is trying to save our lives."

- Ann Weiser Cornell

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Focusing allows for a natural shift from our habitual 'dead end stories and feelings' of the inner critic and related stuck habits, to enable us to live directly from the creativity and relief of the fresh edge that emerges from the old.

The magic of Focusing:         


creates deep significance in yourself, with others and nature

invites creativity, freshness and meaning to flow through you

releases repetitive thoughts and feelings into their own healing

inspires curiosity in 'being with' yourself in a safe and stable way

assists long term trauma and difficult emotions to release themselves

fosters a kindly relationship with the 'inner critic' for resolution and peace

creates space and 'room to breathe' around emotions reducing overwhelm

transforms and releases anxiety by learning how to rest in grounded sensing

Focusing for Creativity and Healing courses are run regularly - as below