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Focusing One to One

One to one guidance in Focusing skills development and practice

Focusing allows for a natural shift from being stuck and 'living in our head'  (with all it's dead end stories and related feelings) to enable us to live directly from the fresh edge of a grounded, centred and whole sense of our selves.

Cultivate embodied and relational living

Invites creativity, freshness and meaning

Releases repetitive stuck-persistent (even trauma) states into their own healing

Inspires curiosity, safety and stability

Fosters a kindly relationship with the 'inner critic' for resolution and peace

Reduces overwhelm and panic states fast

Transforms and releases anxiety


'My focusing with Simon work has helped me through various body injuries, and some very strong emotional stuff around them, spiritual issues that regular therapy just can’t touch, it has helped me figure out why particular things have triggered me, and how to move forward with them. '

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