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I believe there is nothing under the sun that can stop you from realising the longing in your heart into the calmest and creative version of you.

As Gene Gendlin from the world of Focusing has said; every part within us has it's own healing mechanism and knows it's own rightness - we just need to know how to 'hold and be available' to these parts in a safe and supportive way, and, as if by magic,  the fresh edge will flow into it's newness!

Presence, the quintessence distilled from all the three paradigms of Mindfulness, Focusing and NVC has been a passion of mine since the time I taught myself meditation from Roshi Phillip Kapleau’s book 'The three pillars of Zen' in 1986. 


Through a process of trial and error with these presence-based approaches I have gained balance, clarity and deep meaning in my life.

I am inspired to share what has proven to work, through these approaches offered here on Living Presence.  




Professional affiliations

University of Cambridge Mindfulness Associate    


Mindfulness teacher for University of Cambridge    


Breathworks Mindfulness - Based Pain Reduction (MBPR) Trainer 


DOT B  Mindfulness Teacher (MiSP Mindfulness in Schools Project)


CNVC  Nonviolent Communication  (NVC) Trainer


Focusing Practitioner & Teacher (British Focusing Association

See Simon's Cambridge University CV and colleges where Mindfulness has been delivered

Trinity College

St Catherine's College

Cambridge University

Wolfson College

Downing College

Selwyn College

Corpus Christi College

Darwin College

St Edmund's College

Cambridge University Mindfulness Society
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“Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment."Rumi    

Written Testimonials


"One of the most valuable and life-changing experiences of my life"

St Edumund's College

University Cambridge Student

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