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The Sun shines not on us, but in us.

The rivers flow not past but through us. Thrilling, tingling, vibrating every fibre and cell of our bodies, making them glide and sing.


John Muir




I believe we are living in unprecedented and extraordinary times, both exciting with the possibility for real transformation, and potentially terrifying with the uncertainty of forces way beyond our control, at play - on so many levels - financial, global, environmental and social.

Now, more than ever, our needs for self-expression, choice and freedom, for truth, integrity, fairness and equality - are all on the line.  There are forces threatening our very survival - already with the loss of so many species and ecologies.

The lack of meaning endemic in the vision of materialism has left the social fabric of our culture empty, sowing the seeds for confusion in our identities, often coming with a sense of lostness - of what it really means to feel secure and grounded in the natural order of things, truly connected to others - and the awe and mystery of the universe.

We live in a culture of atomisation and isolation in which science seduces us with ever sophisticated technology with the promise of connection, only to alienate us further from each other.  We are moving from the Cartesian 'I am' to the Apple 'I - Phone' - where faces are frozen, spellbound and hypnotised by the Sirens of illusion and desperation  - a tragic irony.

The proliferation of information and the media competes for our attention - it’s hard to draw a breath and sense our true sense of identity as a sovereign being.

And yet…… in every moment, the sun rises - and the stars are offering their soft light.  The ground remains ever faithful, lovingly supporting us, giving us a firm foundation to come from.  The birds continue to sing, the trees remain rooted, the oceans just as deep, and there is a richness and beauty in every precious, tingling, vibrant moment. A silky breath slides into our bodies from the skies above as the universe continues to breathe through us, perfuming our every cell with vibrancy and warmth.

We are here now, we are alive - coming home to ourselves is the prayer of every star, every mote of dust - as we are created of stardust, we are animated universes inviting a shape-shifting into the freshness of this moment.  Something deep within us knows how to come home to it’s authentic and original self - and like a hidden gem stitched into the lining of a garment we’ve been wearing, we had it all the time.

Embodied Relational Presence offers a portal in to true self-empowerment where we are no longer the victim, like foam being buffeted by the waves, but the realisation that we are the ocean itself.  This transformation is the real magic, we are more than we think we are.

Whilst we cannot fully rely on global, social or political support, we can rely on our own North Star, on our own innate sense of connected and creative Self.

I invite you into the portal and true empowerment of Embodied Relational Presence where there is autonomous, sovereign, connected and irrepressible life. This alchemical gift will turn you into a magician, engendering a deep and healing into wholeness transformation, also to become a powerful ally to enable planetary regeneration & the wellbeing of all.


University of Cambridge Mindfulness Associate    

Mindfulness teacher for University of Cambridge

Breathworks Mindfulness-Based Pain Reduction (MBPR) Trainer 

DOT B  Mindfulness Teacher (MiSP Mindfulness in Schools Project)

CNVC  Nonviolent Communication  (NVC) Trainer

Focusing Practitioner & Teacher (British Focusing Association)



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