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for HEALING & INTUITION Focusing Skills Course 

'I want to unfold. Let no place in me hold itself closed, for where I am closed, I am false.' 

Rainer Maria Rilke

What is Focusing

Focusing is a means to develop embodied relational presence. This allows for a moment by moment way of ‘coming home’ to yourself, inviting a mercurial of mind and light of foot way of being and living.

This Embodied Relational Presence course

A unique hallmark on every level of this course is the emphasis and increasing emergence of unshakeable ‘Embodied Relational Presence.’ Vivid embodied sensing brings us into a grounded sense of safety and is the matrix for a deep transformation allowing for a deep healing for wellbeing and a natural intuition to arise.


What you will get from this course

  • Develop Embodied Relational Presence

  • Develop your innate intuition

  • Become grounded and balanced

  • Compassionately respond to your inner judge / critic 

  • Enable a gentle and deep inner healing process 

  • Develop empathic and sensitive listening 

  • Learn to sense and befriend your body 

  • Connect meaningfully with nature and others

Lisa shares: ‘Absolutely brilliant….. a healing Journey’


Individuals & Groups


Focusing Cours Details

How does trauma & stuck feeling change in Focusing?

Embodied Relational Presence Healing and Intuition Focusing Skills Course

BFA Focusing Skills accredited Course

Felt Sense Relationship for Flow (Level 2) Commence Wednesday 8 November  2023 –  Completes Wednesday 13 Dec 2023

When Wednesday Evenings  

Time 19.00 am– 21.00 pm GMT (some exceptions may be stipulated and some periodic changes may be made to certain dates due to        changing circumstance)

Level duration Each Level is 6 x 2 hour sessions (over a period of 6 weeks).   

Course Levels, Titles & Dates

Book individual levels or book remainder levels course of 5 levels for a 15% discount

LEVEL 2: Felt-sense Relationship for Flow

DATES: Nov 8, 15, 22, 29. Dec 6. 13 2023

​• The magic of the felt sense

• Creating inner Space for Relationship

• Ways of beginning a Focusing session

• Clearing a space

• Becoming a true companion


LEVEL 3:The magic of Embodied Relational Presence

DATES: Jan 3, 10, 17, 24, 31. Feb 7. 2024

​• The gifts of the body in Focusing and Companioning

• Embodied aliveness as a gateway to the Bigger Space

• Fresh forward movement through ‘Allowing’

• Gestures, postures & movement and the ‘felt-sense’

• The Body and resonance with Nature


LEVEL 4: Intuitive and Creative Living

DATES: Feb 21, 28, Mar 6, 13, 20, 27. 2024

​• Self-guiding skills and Phrases

• Play and lightness in Focusing

• What is ‘Intuition’?

• Creativity and space of open possibility

• The value of ‘not knowing’ creative and intuitive living

LEVEL 5: Healing and Abundance

DATES: Apr 10, 17, 24. May 1, 8, 15. 2024

​• Focusing and exploring the meaning of healing

• What limits us and our potential

• What does freedom mean?

• Levels of healing, physical, emotional and spiritual

• Poetry and inspirational quotes to support wellbeing

• Resting in the Limitless

What can you expect in any one session

​• A safe, supportive and respectful atmosphere, where privacy and boundaries are upheld

​• Enjoy the closeness and intimacy of others on a shared journey ​

• A lot of fun and play 

• Hear and see and connect deeply with others as you interact and explore focusing 

• Do exercises, demonstrations and explore focusing together 

• Be deeply heard to share what inspires and moves you

• Focusing sessions between online sessions



Each LEVEL  £150

BOOK LEVEL 2 Felt Sense Relationship for Flow

Meet Simon your BFA Focusing Teacher

Lisa shares: ‘Absolutely brilliant….. a healing Journey’ 60 seconds

Cours Levels
Book Focusig Coure


Listen to Simon sharing live - exercises & talks  from a session

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Meet your Trainer
Living 37a.jpg
Simon McKibbin
BFA Focusing Trainer

• Cambridge University Associate Mindfulness Trainer and Coach

• Mindfulness Certified with Breathworks and MISP 

• BFA Certified Focusing Practitioner and Teacher 

• Certified CNVC Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Trainer

'I met Eugene Gendlin on Summer School at Garrison in about 2000 and was touched by the humanity and humility he displayed which endeared me to him both as a Human Being and as a tremendous inspiration to explore Focusing.   

I have, I believe, benefitted more from Focusing than any other paradigm for transformation which is based on the body’s innate and natural ability to receive it’s own healing and forward movement when brought into a safe and resonant relationship with self and others. I combine Focusing with elements of Non-Violent Communication NVC and Mindfulness to further enrich the natural process of healing and community.'

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