Coming Home Series
2021 - 2022

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NVC offers a means to self empowerment through well-being and healing, to deepen or restore relationships, and to enhance connection in your web of commmunity.  It's a means to a fuller, more connected life in the flow.

  • Connect with others in a way that will gain you more trust and deeper connection.

  • Transform conflict into understanding and harmony.

  • Share concerns in a way that is safe and will get you really heard.

  • Connect more deeply with your own needs – for healing and growth.

  • Make requests to meet your needs that others will willingly respond to.

  • Enrich your relationships with children, friends, partners and colleagues.

  • Avoid the disconnecting and painful pitfalls of blame, judging and labelling.

  • Experience more joy, confidence and freedom in your ability to connect.

Courses, Coaching and Mediation 


  • Enhance and restore relationships for deeper connection & trust

  • Connection skills for confidence, trust and meaningful relationships

    1 hr

    £60 - 75
  • A safe space for deeper trust and connection. - Jon Kabat-Zi

    1 hr

    £45 - £55 Per person

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