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Life is not destined, it is about creating yourself in every moment.

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You can take a horse to water, they say.  I say you can’t.  Unless it wants to go there, of course.  Our minds are like that, there’s no forcing, fixing or even subtle coercing. That horse can be as stubborn as a Mule! The horse of the mind has its own rhyme and reason – after all, it had a child to protect once so it’s not going to hand over its autonomy easily.

That said, as a younger man I came through the tyranny of clinical depression and entrenched OCD - I learned how to befriend that horse and follow the horse home.  It willingly drank deeply from the well of presence.  Today, a healthy, happy, playful and vibrant horse lives on the open plains.........

How does sustainable change REALLY happen?

So what will move your horse? It all comes down to authentic inner & outer relationship, fostering a deep empathic connection and resonance based on trust and safety.   As Gene Gendlin from the world of Focusing said ‘Every part within us has it’s own healing ability innate to it.’  This in my experience is true. Radical.  Those horses love connection and affection and know what's is right for them from their own perspective. 

This is the key - honouring parts from their own unique experience and perspective, on their own terms, in the context of embodied and relational Presence.

Imagine what it might be like to enjoy cantering and roaming the open plains?  After years of being bridled and blinkered!  What does your heart long for?  What would make your life more wonderful?

Perhaps it's now time to accompany your horse home?  Leave the saddle and reigns, your horse knows the direction.   Come, let’s journey together ........

 Transformational Presence Training & 1:1 Coaching 

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Grounded wholeness for

resilience, creativity & vitality

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Only connect - vision and harmony in your relationships and community 

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Adventure your fresh edge through a synergy of Mindfulness, Focusing and Nonviolent Communication

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Exquisite inner relationship for grounded and deep Presence

     People share their inspirations....

Robot therapist anyone?

Simon on the BBC: Mindfulness
& Affective Intelligence & Robotics Research 
@ Cambridge University


Enjoy this exquisite cinematography and exploration of Presence 

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‘Simon’s expert mindfulness teaching continues to give great support to the Cambridge University Mindfulness program, for which he is an associate teacher.  Initially during our research period, his ideas and many years of experience contributed to the content of the unique mindfulness courses delivered at the University. These were successfully researched over a number of years, with the results published in the Lancet PH'

Dr Elizabeth English Cambridge University Mindfulness Program, University of Cambridge 


"Practice sharing the fullness of your being, your best self, your enthusiasm, your vitality, your spirit, your trust, your openness, above all, your presence. Share it with yourself, with your family, with the world."


Jon Kabat-Zinn

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