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Phone Addiction

1:1 Support Coaching

Online / Zoom

25 May 2023


Research has shown that being tied to our phones for our emotional wellbeing paradoxically, brings the opposite! At this point you are invited to check in with yourself how happy you are with your ongoing relationship with your phone?  We can establish a new relationship with our phones that is more healthy and balanced and that serves us rather than enslaving us with each ping. 

What is the first thing you check in the morning, and last thing at night? (And regularly, nearly all day!).

What has been your fleeting feeling reaction on realising your phone might be lost?

Do you find yourself checking your phone repeatedly, as a habitual pattern?

Do you spend hours at a time on social media?

Is there often a sense of hollowness, emptiness or dissatisfaction with your activities related to your phone?

How would it feel to take back being in charge - breathing a sigh of relief and a sense of freedom and enjoy your life - without being hostage to your phone?

Phone addiction may lead to:

  • Sleep deficit

  • Lower concentration

  • Creativity blocks

  • Aggravated ADD

  • Anxiety

  • Reduced cognition

  • Stress

  • Loneliness

  • Insecurity

  • Impaired relationships

  • Poor grades

  • Psychological disorders

In this culture, no one is free of some type of addiction, very commonly it is also with the phone. It has crept up on us gradually, leading to a pernicious and subtle enslavement. It is not a happy place and we can, with the comprehensive support I will make available to you, learn to update and live a life of freedom, empowerment and balance, with a new, more enjoyable collaboration with the phone.

I will assist you to;

Explore your emotional response to your phone and what the underlying needs are for your relationship with it, helping to meet those needs in other creative ways.

Create healthy and practical boundaries with the use of your phone

Invite a focus on healthful, creative and meaningful activities to replace mobile phone activity

Free you from the habitual tendencies with your phone to enjoy more connected and meaningful friendships and relationships.

Learn approaches to engage with others more effectively and in a way that invites a closer more human connection.

Connect with your inner world in a way that is healing and compassionate.

Simon is an experienced trainer and coach, and a Buddhist practitioner of 34 years. He teaches and is affiliated with the University of Cambridge, the Mindfulness in Schools Project, Breathworks (Mindfulness and Pain Management), the Centre for Nonviolent Communication, and the British Focusing Association.

"Every part within us has it's own healing mechanism and knows it's own rightness," (Gene Gendlin) We just need to know how to hold and be available to these parts in a safe and supportive way, and, as if by magic, the fresh edge will flow into it's newness - it is the essential connection to build both inner and outer community and for radical personal change to happen.


'Since completing the sessions, I feel more connected to myself and the world around me in quite a magical way. I have started to find ways to be with my experience in more openness, to be more curious and accepting and to be more grounded. The sessions felt very spontaneous and alive creating a space of safety, openness with a light and playful touch, that we moved more deeply into together. Simon is deeply humane and highly skilled, I really recommend his 1:1 sessions.'

​Laurent Dubois

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